Thanks for attending my recent workshop on childhood anxiety!  

I hope the event inspired you and equipped you with strategies that you will find helpful.  As promised, I am happy to provide bonus material - supplemental tips and strategies for home and school environments for both children and teens.  

Please fill out the following form in order to not only receive the bonus package, but to also be kept informed of any related upcoming counselling/coaching services that I provide that may be of benefit for you and/or the children you support as you move forward.

P.S.   Inspired and motivated, but want to "get this right" in planning and implementing a tailored treatment program for your child's anxiety? Elevate your plan by joining me live and online, in my interactive, small group, anxiety-busting coaching program -

"Success Coaching for Parents of Anxious Children."

I wish both you and the child you are supporting the very best of success in your journey.  Let me know how I might be of benefit to you both along the way. 

Wishing you health and happiness -


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