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"Take it Outside" - Counselling OFF the Couch.

Walk and Counsel/Coach Sessions

"Take it Outside" walk and talk counselling/coaching sessions allow me to enhance my clients' overall therapeutic experience by incorporating counselling/coaching with the amazing benefits of exercise and time spent in nature. These sessions are best suited for individuals navigating mild to moderate levels of life's challenges and who have been given the green light by their physicians to hike beginner to intermediate level trails.

You set the pace. You set the agenda.

I counsel and coach along the whichever path you take - internally and externally.

Now, let's get out there and let nature do its part.


Please Note: 

My services are not intended for individuals who are actively contemplating suicide. Please contact suicide prevention, call 911 to request immediate help, or present yourself to emergency at the nearest hospital.

The following 24-hour help lines are also available:

BC Provincial Suicide Prevention Helpline:


Vancouver Island Crisis Line:

1-888494-3888 or

For further resources:

BC Crisis Centre