Childhood Anxiety Workshop - "Thank you!" BONUS DOWNLOAD

Thank you for attending my Childhood Anxiety Workshop! Download and discover a vast range of tips and strategies geared to deepen and expand upon what was presented during my workshop. In this document, strategies for both elementary and high school aged children/youth are addressed and are tailored for success in both home and school environments.   You are most welcome to print a copy of this document for your own personal use, but I respectfully ask that you please do not distribute it in any form - thank you.  

Inspired and motivated, but want to "get this right" in planning and implementing a tailored treatment program for your child's anxiety? Elevate your plan by joining me live and online, in my interactive, small group, anxiety-busting coaching program - "Success Coaching for Parents of Anxious Children."

I wish both you and the child you are supporting the very best of success in your journey.  Let me know how I might be of benefit to you both along the way. 

Wishing you health and happiness -