Success Coaching for Parents of Anxious Children - 8 Week Intensive Program

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Success Coaching for Parents of Anxious Children - 8 Week Intensive Program


You seek expert advice, direction and ongoing coaching as you work to create, implement and monitor an anti-anxiety success plan, tailored specifically to meet your child’s needs. Ensure that you not only learn the strategies required, but also implement them correctly over time to solidify the gains that your child makes. Don’t guess if you are “doing things right” - ask an expert - and move forward knowing that you are supporting your child with evidence-based treatment for success that sticks. 

8 Online Group Coaching Sessions,

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For dedicated, concerned parents (and/or caregivers) of elementary-school-aged children who struggle with anxiety. For those who are frustrated with failed attempts to address their child’s anxiety effectively and who seek an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioural (CBT) treatment plan for success that sticks, taught by a qualified specialist. 

For those who are committed to guiding and supporting their child actively, strategically and effectively towards a less anxious, more joyful and resilient engagement in life.


Your child deserves the benefits of individualized and effective treatment - taught, tailored and monitored by a specialist in the successful treatment of childhood anxiety. You deserve to know how best to support and guide your child through anxiety. You’re spinning your wheels, fed up and in need of professional help. With this program, you both win. 


Online. Wherever that may mean for you - at home, at the office, while walking - it all works - just be there!  We will “Zoom” together in video.


“Individual training/coaching within a small group coaching format.”

The aim is to transfer professional level skills to parents and caregivers and to ensure that skills taught are implemented soundly and consistently with a plan that helps solidify learning and success. Not only will strategies be taught and plans developed, but participants will be coached throughout the implementation and relapse-prevention portions of the program. 

Small group (6ppl min, 8ppl max) format that uses “ZOOM” to connect online in video (similar to Skype).  

Deepen the professional instruction you will receive by learning from other parents along the way. Witness the creation of multiple plans for success that parallel your own child’s.  As effective treatment of anxiety with CBT is highly structured and easily transferable, small group instruction provides added benefits for the parents involved and the children they support. 


Once weekly, for 8 consecutive weeks, starting May 2nd. Sessions are 90 minutes each, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm PST.