Psychoeducational Assessments

Is your child experiencing significant struggles academically and/or socially within school?  

A thorough psychoeducational assessment empowers both parent and child by providing information critical to an accurate understanding of the child’s unique learning related strengths, challenges and preferred mode of learning.   Assessments screen for a variety of learning disabilities such as reading/writing disabilities, memory and/or processing difficulties, or symptoms of attention deficit disorder - just to name a few.  A power-tool in your child's education, a psychoeducational assessment can help to uncover your child’s most effective environment for learning and the mode in which she/he naturally learns best (e.g. primarily visual  versus primarily auditory learner).  

A social/emotional assessment aims to help both parent and child gain a better understanding of the nature of a child’s suffering (e.g. symptoms of anxiety/depression, poor self-esteem, victim of bullying) and helps to inform parents, educators and childcare workers on the best approach to employ for help.

Both forms of assessment have the ultimate goal of supporting the child or teen by providing informed recommendations specific to his/her strengths, challenges and overall nature that will be useful both within the school setting and at home.   Teachers within your child’s school will also benefit from a better understanding of your child’s nature and needs and may therefore feel better equipped to formulate an appropriately tailored and effective approach to your child’s learning.

Finally, parent coaching is available beyond assessment as an added option for support.  I have many years of experience helping parents advocate for their children (within both public and private school settings) in order to ensure that all involved work collaboratively and effectively to meet the learning and social/emotional needs specific to their child.  Taken together, a psychoeducational evaluation and individual or couple's sessions for parent coaching provide a powerful boost towards academic improvement and enhanced social/emotional wellbeing for your child.

Note: Academic  and Social/Emotional Assessments are provided for children between the ages of five and seventeen.