Module 3: Optimizing Personal Fulfillment in the Workplace: A Personal Growth Workshop Tailor Made for the "Person" Behind the Work

Imagine enjoying an enhanced connection to and excitement for the work you do. Imagine a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. Imagine starting your workday with greater motivation, happiness and vigor. You deserve this and this workshop can help. You will be guided through a series of individualized and introspective activities to help you identify what "optimal fulfillment" in the workplace would look like for you.

This insight will help guide you in developing and individualized, realistic and attainable plan for change. Whether small or large changes are required, this workshop will promote insight and action, which together will help you move closer to your goal of enhanced fulfillment in the workplace.


Professionals who have taken this workshop have commented:

"Inspiring and motivating! You helped reconnect me with why I began this work in the first place. I'd love a follow-up to this workshop later in the year to keep the energy up!"

(Alanna M., High School Resource Teacher)

"Love the energy! I especially liked that you helped us form a practical plan from the reflective exercises so we had something to leave with. Thanks!"

(Mary P. Integration Aide)

"I enjoyed your presentations yesterday and the feedback I got from our Resource teachers was very, very positive! Than you so much for coming. I was so impressed by the way you were able to work with each different group and go where they were ready to go - each session was so personalized - not an easy thing to do! Your warm, engaging style enhanced the discussion! Thank you again!"

(Katherine B., Social Needs Consultant)